Earth Day at Coachella: I’m Talking to You, “HIPPIE”.

Coachella Music Festival has been compared to the Woodstock of our generation. A 3 days festival of music, love, dancing and freedom; full of a bunch of hippies. Right?

Well then why were the grounds just covered in plastic cups and disposable water bottles last weekend when I was there? And the weekend before, the year before, and the year before that?

Could it be ALL of the hippies at attendance are too drunk or high to notice? Not possible. I was not able to dance, let alone walk without kicking a cup or having a bottle kicked at me in some sort of ricocheting madness. The plastic disposable mess was everywhere.

My hopes for this last weekend, seeing as it was EARTH DAY on Sunday, was it would be different. I was happy to see the real hippies come out of hiding and BRING A REUSABLE WATERBOTTLE for water to be refilled at filling stations. (It was a pleasant temperature in the 100s F so water was a necessity!)

I was pleased to have a refill station at the Riviera Resort in Palm Springs while I mingled at the Rolling Stone Party but the ones at Coachella were far apart and had horrendous lines! Where is Calistoga, Arrowhead, Brita and the dozens of other water companies at to sponsor this desert party? Hello, you don’t need to be a marketing expert to know getting thousands of thirsty festival attendees gathered around your mist tent all day to refill their branded water bottle and holder is a good idea.

HOLD ON TO YOUR CUPS! They serve their 11 dollar drinks in tiny cups and they are just about finished before you walk past the line so why not just hold on to that little guy and have them refill it when you go back for another? Imagine if a group of 6 people took turns holding on to their 6 cups. I’m no mathematician but that is a lot less garbage heading to the landfill after our 3 day festival in the desert.

I was shocked to see the amount of plastic cups, plastic bottles and cigarette butts, wrappers and all other garbage thrown around the festival grounds.

Coachella Arts & Music Festival has made an effort to be more environmentally friendly by creating a Sustainablility program with Global Inheritance to create multiple initiatives to reduce waste and encourage awareness.  Carpoolchella offers prizes for cars spotted with Carpoolchella displayed on them and at least 4 people in the vehicle.

THRASHed is a program that made recycled art and decorated trash cans and the Recyclesaurus Rex was a giant dinosaur that eats recycled water bottles and poops plastic cubes. There was a contest fot he most creative use of the plastic cubes at Coachella.

If you brought in 10 empty plastic bottles you got 1 bottle of cold water free! A great idea but with only 1 station to do this, and being back at the entrance, it wasn’t too accessible or enticing. I really respect their creativity but it just wasn’t enough to reach the majority.

The worst thing I saw on Earth Day at Coachella was during DJ GirlTalk’s set at the OUTDOOR Stage. He released hundreds of balloons into the air and as I watched them float off in to the desert night sky I couldn’t keep dancing or singing along to the catchy pop hits he mixes together. All I could think of was how long that balloon would take to pop, fall to the Earth and be eaten by a bird or land critter mistaking it for food. He does it at every show but OUTDOORS on Earth Day? Come on Greg Gillis, “GirlTalk”. Can you do me a favor and tweet @GirlTalk to STOP littering balloons at outdoor shows? REAL talk:

Enjoy yourselves friends, but not at the expense of our planet and our future. We all share responsibility. Its my dream that one day we will all be carrying our own waterbottles, reusable cups and food packaging will be biodegradable. Everyone will care about the plastic bottle that will outlive us all and our children and grandchildren will not live in a world covered by our litter.


Here are a few videos I made with some super simple tips of living a greener lifestyle and easy ways to show love and gratitude for our one and only Earth.

Every Day  we live on Earth it is EARTH DAY!

Peace. Love. Coachella. Pacha Mama.


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