Protect our Coast with Live Music and Margaritas at Sunset at the “Baja Bash” June 2

I was born here in San Diego 23 years ago to Park Ranger / Lifeguard / Surfer parents who, at the time of my arrival lived in a beach front condo in Imperial Beach, about as close to the water (and the border) as anyone can be. Before I could walk I was on a boogie board and almost every day of my childhood was spent playing in the waves. My dad taught me about the currents and to ride the waves. He showed me how to catch sand crabs, the magic hidden in tide pools, the birds, fish, mammals and plants that depend on the ocean and unfortunately, on us, to keep it clean and safe. From an early age I understood that mother nature ruled our planet but without our help to keep it clean it would not be a safe place for any living thing.
Now as an adult I want to be apart of the movement to protect our nature and to preserve it so that my children can swim in the same waters I learned to surf in without fearing for their health.  I participate in every beach clean up and water shed clean up I can, I collect trash when I visit the beach or see something in storm drains that will end up in the ocean. I educate my friends about ways we can keep our coast clean and beautiful but that is not enough. There are things out of our control like pollutants being dumped into the ocean by big companies and developments up and down the coast that threaten our oceans and many species that share the coast and oceans with us.
That is why I am a supporter of WiLDCOAST. Not only am I a proud daughter of a board member, but this organization of  strategic, smart, passionate and relentless conservationists are doing more to change legislation, monitor and protect water ways and conserve land by purchasing it before it becomes developed and educating people about our need to conserve coastal and marine ecosystems and wildlife.
  • In 2011 WiLDCOAST protected 4,371 acres and 2.3 miles of coastline along the Valle de los Cirios Pacific Coast through direct land purchases and conservation easement agreements.
  • WC has conserved 77.7 miles of shoreline around Laguna San Ignacio through an innovative partnership with Mexico’s National Commission for Protected Natural Areas.
  • To date, WiLDCOAST has conserved more than two million acres of coastal wildlands and wildlife habitat
  • In 2012, WiLDCOAST is expanding their reach by building Chapters throughout Baja California to continue to work with local communities to clean up, restore, and conserve the amazing coastal and marine resources.
For $75 you can support their work and have an amazing time at the WiLDCOAST “Baja Bash”on June 2nd at the Broadway Pier in San Diego . Your ticket includes a show by Nortec Collective : Hiperboreal (a song by them below) delicious sustainable culinary treats, wines and margaritas. A trio of rochstar chefs are preparing the menu, including internationally known chef and restaurateur Javier Plascencia, of Mision 19, who has been featured in the New Yorker and the Food Network; Diego Hernandez, the lead chef at Corazon de Tierra in the Valle de Guadalupe; and Benito Molina and Solange Muris, from Manzanilla in Ensenada. You won’t want to miss their creative culinary creations!Along with their tasty and sustainable menu, the Baja Bash is featuring the wines of the Valle de Guadalupe, including Adobe Guadalupe, a premier winery from the area. They are also serving wines from Casa de Piedra, Paralelo and other unique wines from the wine country of Baja. Peligroso Tequila has created a special ‘WiLDCOAST margarita’ for the toast during the sunset cocktail reception.Parties for a purpose are what I live for and this one will be a blast so don’t miss out.

Nortec Collective: Hiperboreal performing “Mexican Madness” at SXSW


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  1. Lindsay, thanks for posting this–everyone at Wildcoast appreciates your support!! Good to have the support of a IB beach rat!!!!

    Serge Dedina
    Executive Director

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