Protect our Coast with Live Music and Margaritas at Sunset at the “Baja Bash” June 2

I was born here in San Diego 23 years ago to Park Ranger / Lifeguard / Surfer parents who, at the time of my arrival lived in a beach front condo in Imperial Beach, about as close to the water (and the border) as anyone can be. Before I could walk I was on a boogie board and almost every day of my childhood was spent playing in the waves. My dad taught me about the currents and to ride the waves. He showed me how to catch sand crabs, the magic hidden in tide pools, the birds, fish, mammals and plants that depend on the ocean and unfortunately, on us, to keep it clean and safe. From an early age I understood that mother nature ruled our planet but without our help to keep it clean it would not be a safe place for any living thing.
Now as an adult I want to be apart of the movement to protect our nature and to preserve it so that my children can swim in the same waters I learned to surf in without fearing for their health.  I participate in every beach clean up and water shed clean up I can, I collect trash when I visit the beach or see something in storm drains that will end up in the ocean. I educate my friends about ways we can keep our coast clean and beautiful but that is not enough. There are things out of our control like pollutants being dumped into the ocean by big companies and developments up and down the coast that threaten our oceans and many species that share the coast and oceans with us.
That is why I am a supporter of WiLDCOAST. Not only am I a proud daughter of a board member, but this organization of  strategic, smart, passionate and relentless conservationists are doing more to change legislation, monitor and protect water ways and conserve land by purchasing it before it becomes developed and educating people about our need to conserve coastal and marine ecosystems and wildlife.
  • In 2011 WiLDCOAST protected 4,371 acres and 2.3 miles of coastline along the Valle de los Cirios Pacific Coast through direct land purchases and conservation easement agreements.
  • WC has conserved 77.7 miles of shoreline around Laguna San Ignacio through an innovative partnership with Mexico’s National Commission for Protected Natural Areas.
  • To date, WiLDCOAST has conserved more than two million acres of coastal wildlands and wildlife habitat
  • In 2012, WiLDCOAST is expanding their reach by building Chapters throughout Baja California to continue to work with local communities to clean up, restore, and conserve the amazing coastal and marine resources.
For $75 you can support their work and have an amazing time at the WiLDCOAST “Baja Bash”on June 2nd at the Broadway Pier in San Diego . Your ticket includes a show by Nortec Collective : Hiperboreal (a song by them below) delicious sustainable culinary treats, wines and margaritas. A trio of rochstar chefs are preparing the menu, including internationally known chef and restaurateur Javier Plascencia, of Mision 19, who has been featured in the New Yorker and the Food Network; Diego Hernandez, the lead chef at Corazon de Tierra in the Valle de Guadalupe; and Benito Molina and Solange Muris, from Manzanilla in Ensenada. You won’t want to miss their creative culinary creations!Along with their tasty and sustainable menu, the Baja Bash is featuring the wines of the Valle de Guadalupe, including Adobe Guadalupe, a premier winery from the area. They are also serving wines from Casa de Piedra, Paralelo and other unique wines from the wine country of Baja. Peligroso Tequila has created a special ‘WiLDCOAST margarita’ for the toast during the sunset cocktail reception.Parties for a purpose are what I live for and this one will be a blast so don’t miss out.

Nortec Collective: Hiperboreal performing “Mexican Madness” at SXSW


Earth Day at Coachella: I’m Talking to You, “HIPPIE”.

Coachella Music Festival has been compared to the Woodstock of our generation. A 3 days festival of music, love, dancing and freedom; full of a bunch of hippies. Right?

Well then why were the grounds just covered in plastic cups and disposable water bottles last weekend when I was there? And the weekend before, the year before, and the year before that?

Could it be ALL of the hippies at attendance are too drunk or high to notice? Not possible. I was not able to dance, let alone walk without kicking a cup or having a bottle kicked at me in some sort of ricocheting madness. The plastic disposable mess was everywhere.

My hopes for this last weekend, seeing as it was EARTH DAY on Sunday, was it would be different. I was happy to see the real hippies come out of hiding and BRING A REUSABLE WATERBOTTLE for water to be refilled at filling stations. (It was a pleasant temperature in the 100s F so water was a necessity!)

I was pleased to have a refill station at the Riviera Resort in Palm Springs while I mingled at the Rolling Stone Party but the ones at Coachella were far apart and had horrendous lines! Where is Calistoga, Arrowhead, Brita and the dozens of other water companies at to sponsor this desert party? Hello, you don’t need to be a marketing expert to know getting thousands of thirsty festival attendees gathered around your mist tent all day to refill their branded water bottle and holder is a good idea.

HOLD ON TO YOUR CUPS! They serve their 11 dollar drinks in tiny cups and they are just about finished before you walk past the line so why not just hold on to that little guy and have them refill it when you go back for another? Imagine if a group of 6 people took turns holding on to their 6 cups. I’m no mathematician but that is a lot less garbage heading to the landfill after our 3 day festival in the desert.

I was shocked to see the amount of plastic cups, plastic bottles and cigarette butts, wrappers and all other garbage thrown around the festival grounds.

Coachella Arts & Music Festival has made an effort to be more environmentally friendly by creating a Sustainablility program with Global Inheritance to create multiple initiatives to reduce waste and encourage awareness.  Carpoolchella offers prizes for cars spotted with Carpoolchella displayed on them and at least 4 people in the vehicle.

THRASHed is a program that made recycled art and decorated trash cans and the Recyclesaurus Rex was a giant dinosaur that eats recycled water bottles and poops plastic cubes. There was a contest fot he most creative use of the plastic cubes at Coachella.

If you brought in 10 empty plastic bottles you got 1 bottle of cold water free! A great idea but with only 1 station to do this, and being back at the entrance, it wasn’t too accessible or enticing. I really respect their creativity but it just wasn’t enough to reach the majority.

The worst thing I saw on Earth Day at Coachella was during DJ GirlTalk’s set at the OUTDOOR Stage. He released hundreds of balloons into the air and as I watched them float off in to the desert night sky I couldn’t keep dancing or singing along to the catchy pop hits he mixes together. All I could think of was how long that balloon would take to pop, fall to the Earth and be eaten by a bird or land critter mistaking it for food. He does it at every show but OUTDOORS on Earth Day? Come on Greg Gillis, “GirlTalk”. Can you do me a favor and tweet @GirlTalk to STOP littering balloons at outdoor shows? REAL talk:

Enjoy yourselves friends, but not at the expense of our planet and our future. We all share responsibility. Its my dream that one day we will all be carrying our own waterbottles, reusable cups and food packaging will be biodegradable. Everyone will care about the plastic bottle that will outlive us all and our children and grandchildren will not live in a world covered by our litter.


Here are a few videos I made with some super simple tips of living a greener lifestyle and easy ways to show love and gratitude for our one and only Earth.

Every Day  we live on Earth it is EARTH DAY!

Peace. Love. Coachella. Pacha Mama.

SXSW… nothing but AWESOME!

The 2012 South by Southwest Festival has finally ended but my brain (and feet) are still recovering. My phone, appropriately nicknamed the “bounceberry” after the abuse the past 10 days, is covered in glitter, chocolate and tequila. (I don’t even drink Tequila) Despite living on a diet of delicious tacos, burritos, gourmet hot dogs doughtnuts and tater tots served from “fusion” food trucks I have lost 6 lbs in a week due to extreme dancing. The entire town of Austin, which is a very different town than the rest of Texas, is transformed with giant parties in every parking lot, performances on every street corner and a vendor of delicious treats at every turn. I was on sensory overload to say the least.

Rolling solo as usual, I had a blast bouncing from party to party, sometimes with friends, sometimes with someone I met in line at Kabobalicious, a favorite food truck of Austin. The less I planned the more fun I found. Lucky for me, my friend and business/philanthropy idol, Tony Hsieh of Zappos and author of Delivering Happiness was in town the first weekend for interactive and had brought not one, but TWO buses fully equipped with all the essentials for a fun 5 day weekend including disco balls, wigs, megaphones, a fully stocked bar with snacks and a great sound system. Tony is a warrior for fun and weird and did not disappoint in any of our adventures. Our first night we just had fun party hopping and cruising on the bus and the second night we were not told where we were going until after an hour long bus ride that ended in up breaking down on the hill to the mystery location. As we walked up the hill in a sort of weird pride parade, a shuttle bus appeared out of no where and took us to our destination; a “mystery mansion” built by video game inventor and astronaut, Richard Garriot. It was full of secret passage ways, tunnels, moving walls and my favorite, a dungeon full of skeletons, human parts like hearts, fetus, mummified hands, shrunken heads and strange “magical” entities like Victorian era vampire hunting kit, a Gorilla’s head and Amazonian battle axes.  It was truly a high light of my trip and was lucky to share it with some magical friends, Dan and Nadav.
A little video I made, capturing some of our magical adventure…
I met some really amazing new friends who were not only a lot of fun but very intelligent and motivated to create great things for our world. It was so refreshing to be surrounded by so many awesome people, fun geeks, just my type of people. Now let’s be clear, the term geek is not a negative one. I found this great illustration that explains it perfectly.
Geeks are Hot! 
And so are mustaches! I was in facial hair heaven here in Austin. Apparently this is another mecca of fixie riding music loving hipsters with incredible fashion and facial hair. Here is a collage of my favorites.
This past weekend was quite different than the first. The geeks all went home and the cool, trendy music and film people came out in full force. The streets were even more packed, the lines were even longer and the fashion was in your face! I had the opportunity once again, to partner with LMH client, GUESS, for another fabulous event. They partnered with NYLON magazine to produce a two day pool party at the W hotel with a full day of performers, both bands and DJ’s including Kimbra (amazing vocalist from the catchy, “Somebody I Used to Know”), Of Monsters & Men (“Little Talk”), Bleached, Static Jacks, Howler, DJ Dillon Francis, Sofi (Deadmau5 singer on “Sofi Needs a Ladder)  Cisco Adler, (half of the group Shwayze) Dev (“Fly Like a G6” & “Dancin in the Dark”) the band FUN, (“We Are Young”) to name a few! The event was great and each performer came through the GUESS celeb lounge where we gifted them with new GUESS eyewear and they gave interviews to NYLON TV.  It was such a blast.

The Party Gods stepped in once again at the perfect timing and crossed my paths with some cool LA kids I had met before who were heading to some concerts after the GUESS pool party Saturday night. I hopped on their party train and found myself backstage   for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (“Home”) and  Mumford and Sons. It was a great show, including a marching band on stage and a seriously awesome performance by a band that has swept the music charts with their folky/banjo/rock n roll.

In typical my typical whirlwind of awesome, after an interesting ride in a hurst, I found myself on stage with DJ A-Trak (one half of Duck Sauce, superstar creators of “Big Bad Wolf” and “Barbara Streisand”) dancing like it was my destiny. As if it couldn’t have been more of a dream come true, some friendly stranger passed me half of a tambourine and I was in heaven. (Anyone who knows me knows of my constant offer to play back up tambourine for ANY touring musical group. Offer stands.)
Needless to say it was a great finale to a great week of events and networking and yet another festival this girl can not miss ever again! See you next year, SXSW.

You Stay Classy San Diego at the 2nd Annual Classy Awards!

By now, you’ve heard the buzz. The 2nd Annual CLASSY Awards event is blowing up, and blowing up big. Last year I attended this award show looking for an organization or cause that really inspired me to do something impactful and I was blown away by the nominees and attendees of this event. I am proud to say that I have had the privilege of joining the Stayclassy team the past year and LMH Promotions has been providing assistance to the Classy Awards. has outdone themselves this year in taking this event from San Diego only to a nationwide awards show with nominees from New York, LA, SF, Boston, Washington DC, Chicago & Las Vegas who have all been amazing philanthropic contributors to the country and planet. In true StayClassy form this event is a combination of philanthropy and partying and you won’t want to miss it! Here are the TOP 10 Reasons you want to be there this Sunday!


10) You love philanthropy – You’ve supported StayClassy over the years, and together we’ve had some great times and done some amazing things for our community. This is our chance to say THANK YOU, not just to the organizations we support, but to you – the members, donors, and volunteers, who have been with us throughout the years.

9) Not your grandmother’s Awards show – This event is all about fun for a good cause. With live music and celebrity guests, you’ll want to be among the lucky few who can honestly say, “I was there.”

pastedGraphic.pdf Schmooze with the best – This year’s Awards features an all-star lineup of business and philanthropic leaders from across the country. Adam Garone will be sporting a ‘stache, Irene Oberauer will be granting wishes, and Tony Hsieh will be Delivering Happiness. Need we say more?

7) You love reality TV – Kiptyn Locke and Tenley Molzahn, ABC’s most eligible Bachelor and Bachelorette will be there hanging out with you.

6) Great entertainment – We’re proud to provide you with some amazing live entertainment. American Idol fan favorite Andrew Garcia will headline the event, with additional performances from Alyssa Jacey who has performed with Joan Osbourne, DJ Wellman who is the resident DJ for the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas!

5) Killer Afterparty – If you’ve ever been to a StayClassy event, you know we can throw a party, and this time, we’re really going all-out. Join the StayClassy Crew, family, friends, and guests at SWAY for $1 Svedka cocktails all night long. DJ Wellman will be rocking the turntables and we’ll be dancing the night away (all in the name of philanthropy).

4) It’s like the 2009 CLASSY Awards…on steroids.Don’t believe us? Check out the video from last year’s event.

3) Feel the love – Everyone who came to the 1st Annual CLASSY Awards left feeling inspired. We’ve booked the Civic Theater, and packet it with some of the coolest, most exciting, dynamic people we could find. They’ve touched their communities in amazing ways. They’ve changed our world for the better, and they’ve come all the way to San Diego to party with YOU.

2) FREE champagne – That’s right – this year’s after party will feature free champagne at the door and $1 Svedka cocktails all night long, courtesy of our friends at SWAY. Oh, and all proceeds from Svedka sales will be donated back to the Charity of the Year Winner. I imagine we could have saved you a lot of time if we’d moved this one closer to the top.

1) You Could Go For Free! – If we haven’t convinced you by now that this year’s CLASSY Awards is going to be a rocking good time, we’ll go ahead and sweeten the deal.  The first 10 people to send us an email at will receive a pair of complimentary VIP passes.  That’s right – 2 tickets to the greatest party of the year could be yours – completely free of charge.  But act fast.  This deal won’t last long…

See you on Sunday!



It’s about time….

First I would like to thank you for visiting yet another blog. Mind you this isn’t just any blog with fashion tips or a chance to complain to my heart’s cotent but I hope is a valuable resource of information and beneficial time spent! I have put off doing my own blog for so long for doing others’ has been nearly a full time job however I feel there might be someone out there who likes what I have to say. Or not. Its your freedom! Theres so much noise out there today it’s hard to filter out the purposeful from the pointless and the meaningful from the monotonous however I can promise to keep it interesting and hopefully you’ll learn some and share some!

Let’s start with learning a bit about why I’m writing this, or better yet what I do. Everybody loves a good story.

A few years back while in search of my newest big adventure I took a job in the Bay Area, east of San Francisco as a live in nanny for a wealthy family of two, a father who traveled out of the country and his spoiled 8th grade daughter. While being a personal chauffeur for her and all her teeny bopper friends, doing the shopping, cooking and redecorating of the beautiful, yet horribly outdated mansion  and enduring her verbal abuse on a daily basis was most definitely a full time job, I somehow found myself wanting more.  Living in a  city like San Francisco where unassuming factories are all night raves and street parties like Lovefest and Bay to Breakers take over the whole city,  I was constantly doing something outrageous and fun in between trips to the dog groomers for the toy poodle and sitting through freezing cheer practices. It wasn’t long before I had developed connections all over the Bay and was loving the never ending parties and events. I found myself quickly working for one of the largest event production companies, Surreal SF as the assistant and promotions coordinator to the Founder and Director, Enrique Montero. We collaborated on the weekly parties as well as large music / culture events like the Exotic Erotic Ball. It was a wild and crazy event that took a lot of planning and was exciting to be apart of. Working with Enrique and Surreal really taught me the ropes of the industry and gave me incredible experience and the ability to work under any pressure or circumstances. It also taught me that the nightlife industry was best left to the experts. I was ready to spread my wings again and return to San Diego, my home, as a new bird with a new mission.

Jumping quickly into what I knew best, I took several positions as coordinator and team lead for street team marketing projects in various industries. My favorites had to be the Village Club Card Room where some of our strategy included distracting players and of course, Live Battle USA a live gaming/ lazer tag on steroids type of product that included a team of me and my hand picked, hand trained “LiveBattle Girls” facing off against the likes of the best of the ComicConners in the Undisputed Boxing Gym. This creative, team building, active and fun product became a passion of mine and I soon began utilizing new tools like facebook groups, blogs, press releases and a wide assortment of social media platforms to build a network for this new game and organically drive traffic. (To a website that has since been replaced.) It was long tedious work learning what worked and what didn’t but again it was all a priceless experience that helped guide me to the next chapter in the adventure.

After learning a thing or two about this new “craze” people were calling social media, I incorporated the promotions and marketing background I had with the modern media campaigns I was building for several new clients I had obtained through good old fashioned way of going in and introducing myself.  I combined traditional strategies with modern tools to customize marketing plans for as versatile a business as Gourmet India (4th and F) and Java Jones Coffee (9th and Market) Java Jones is a fantastic business with a philanthropic mission of providing excellent quality organic coffee and tea but only carrying 100% organic and fair trade products. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do! (Their slogan, not mine! ;] ) It really made me passionate and was rewarding to have a stake in a business that wanted to give back and support causes. It helped me see the vision of my own purpose. I had volunteered my whole life. I had even started my own non-profit with a group of friends that same year and built a school in Kenya through our grueling hard work, fund raising and events but that came with so many other hurdles and challenges I wanted to multiply my efforts to the highest exponent. I’ve never been one for math but I knew that with my PR abilities + experience with events + production + planning and promotions I could do more to help the causes that needed it in a much larger way.

Long story made only quasi long… LMH Promotions was born!

And as creative as I’d like to give myself credit for, no I couldn’t think of a better name than my initials. So please if you have any suggestions, feel free to share as I would hope you will share any words you have to share.

In the past few months I have been proud to work with such groups as the SD Children and Nature Collaborative,, Outdoor Education Foundation, San Diego Audubon Society, San Diego County Office of Education, San Diego Open Space Parks Division and excited to work with so many more amazing groups and people in this awesome journey. Thanks so much again for reading and feel free to share this with anyone, especially those looking for help getting their cause, company or idea in full motion!


Be sure to check my website too for full marketing, promotions, event, web and graphics services!

Peace & Love To You!