As Seen on Facebook

Today I posted this picture to my facebook wall because I thought it was ironic that a US Olympian, who was ridiculed by the media last year for smoking marijuana, is now the most decorated Olympian of all time. Normally I keep my political and controversial positions to myself, realizing the internet is not a great place to air your personal opinion, especially if you use it for business, but I decided this was a pretty bold statement considering the current events in our world and country. By the end of today my post had been reshared 14 times by my personal network, making it clear that my opinion was shared, literally, by my facebook friends.

So in this day and age, when we are connected to thousands of people at any given time, with our information, photos and ideas being shared around the world, sometimes even without out our knowledge, how do we handle this responsibility?

We are told we have to be careful with what we put on facebook not just because what our grandma or little brother might see (my 12 year old brother joined facebook today as well, giving me even more to think about on this subject,) but also our bosses or clients.

This guy may not want to advertise he drinks and drives.

Recently I have had the interesting experience of “meeting” several people in person that I before only knew on facebook. I have had people know things about my life, my travels and my business who I have never met before and while it is flattering it has also brought to my attention the importance of protecting your online brand.

In my industry it is known that Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and now Instagram can be important tools to getting your name and business out there. Your “online brand” is not just important to entrepreneurs or business owners, but to anyone managing their social media profiles.

In a recent Jobvite study, 92% of recruiters said they are using or plan to use social media in their hiring process.

The survey polled more than 1,000 companies. Since they started using social media sites to hire, 50% reported finding more candidates, and 43% said they now find better candidates.

How do we find a balance between being ourselves, sharing our style, opinions and humor without hurting our chances at a future job or even a relationship?

My first suggestion and what I spent a few days last week doing, is to go through old albums and pick out the best and moving them to another album of “keepers.” Many of my albums were old, some even from 2008 and while I stand by my 19 year old self and all the  fun time and decisions I made, I don’t need everyone I connect with on facebook to see. I made many of my albums available to “ONLY ME” with the privacy setting under the edit album setting. This way I still have the photos but they are private to me.

I don’t want to delete all my cherished photos from Spring Break 2008 in Rosarito, but I don’t need the world to see them either.

If you haven’t already, put your family, business associates and potential clients or co workers in a restricted list. This way, if you want to share something with your buddies, like your Vegas vacation photos, you will not regret it when your boss asks if you are feeling okay after such an exciting weekend.

Social media has helped me build my business, raise funds and awareness for non-profits and maintain and build friendships all over the world. It can be a great asset to your life as well if you use it for good, not for evil (unproductive hours wasted on stalking your ex or  playing farmville.) Remember to be positive and to only post things you will be proud of a month or a year from now because once it is on the internet it is there for good!

My video on Your Positive Brand Online!


Travel with a Purpose – A summer in India for Dr. Interns

Travel is one of the most rewarding experiences a person has in their life. Whether it is a family vacation, a semester abroad or a backpacking trip with friends, these experiences not only stay with us our whole lives, but shape who we are and how we see the world.

In today’s age we are lucky enough to have easy and affordable means of travel to just about anywhere in the world and with technology and the internet we can book these arrangements from anywhere with a press of a button. It is no doubt remarkable and in a lot of ways makes our planet a much smaller place. Where we could once only read about or see on a screen we can now visit ourselves, embarking on great journeys and having exciting adventures of our own.

It is a wonderful thing to see so many people of our time going out in to the world to see, touch, taste and experience first hand the wonders of different cultures and while it is breaking down barriers that once made us feel so different from one another, it is also an  opportunity for us to become better global citizens.

Our neighbors are not just the people on our street or in our city, they are in the bordering country or opposite continent where most of our products are produced and services provided. We depend on each other so much more than we realize, not just for business, but for assistance. There are so many organizations out there doing great things to assist our global neighbors in need and yet there is still a great need for more help.

Instead of just visiting these amazing places, taking cool photos in front of a monument or pristine nature scene, I have sought out to be an active assistant to the communities I visit. Even if it means collecting garbage from a popular hiking trail or beach, I want to be a positive impact, not just another tourist stopping by for a photo op. In each trip I take I look for a different cause I am passionate about and an organization I would be a good fit to volunteer with.

Dr. Interns is one of those organizations. With a mission of bringing sustainable healthcare solutions to very capable, developing parts of the world they are connecting college students interested in the medical field as well as travel to experiences in the world outside their own neighborhood. Dr. Interns is creating a new kind of world traveler; a traveler who is making a difference.

I am excited to begin my first experience of India, where I will be assisting with the marketing campaign for Dr. Interns at their first international program at the Kailash Cancer Hospital in Gujarat, India. I am joined by Ketan Patel, the passionate and intelligent organization director, and 15 incredible college students dedicating their summer to assisting at the hospital as well. We will be recording our story with the goal of inspiring many more to travel and to be active global citizens. Changing the world is easier than it looks. Don’t believe me? Try it.

-Lindsay M Hawley

Dr. Interns Marketing Director


Vlogging. It’s SO Hot Right Now.

Video + Blog = VLOG!

You may have noticed a serious amount of videos being uploaded by myself and several others recently, all thanks to a good friend of mine, Tim King of Tim King Photography who has challenged his network to Vlog once a day for 30 Days.

I have been meaning to step up my video and social media presence for some time and since I recently forced myself to learn basic video editing on imovie I thought, why not? I accepted Tim’s challenge.

A week in and I have already lost 1 water proof camera to the ocean, hours of sleep and possibly friends who are sick of me vlogging while we hang out, talking about vlogging, or forcing them to be in my vlogs. After only one week I know I am not the only one on this challenge wondering, “What was I thinking?”

Well daddy didn’t raise no quitter and it doesn’t hurt that I feel the guilt if I miss a day from my friend Tim. I’m sticking with it.

Even if its sometimes ridiculous, stressful and hours of work, like most things that are a challenge, it will be worth it. The content I will be putting out and the quality of my videos will continue to improve.  I have already seen a spike in my traffic to my youtube channel, social media pages and website and I am excited to continue the progress as well as learn from all the other amazing vloggers on the challenge.

Here is a few of my favorite so far. I promise they will get better! 😉

My First SXSW Interactive

You might have heard about South By Southwest.

No, it is not a Southwest Airlines Conference. It is a week long event in the beautiful city of Austin, Texas, where their nightlife regularly thrives, music scene is world known and the people are much hipper than the rest of Texas. Many have compared it to my beloved San Diego and I can see why! explains it simply: “where the future of media is defined. This unique event connects leaders in the Music, Film and Interactive industries with the companies and agencies needed to succeed.”

SXSW Interactive, which just ended, is focused on emerging technology, a focus which has earned the festival a reputation as a breeding ground for new ideas and creative technologies. The past few days I have felt as if I was in the center of the future, surrounded by brilliant minds and passionate hearts, all creating change, progress and exciting things for our World!  My mind has been swirling with excitement for all these ideas and incredible inventions/solutions people are creating. I have found myself in some of the most intelligent, genuine and meaningful conversations of my lifetime, often with people I just met. People are interested in what you think, have to offer and have so much to offer back.

I also must include, I enjoy the look on people’s faces after I respond to their inquiry about “what I do”  or “what brings me to SXSW.”  I love breaking down stereo types that people have about someone who looks “ditsy” and seeing the way they completely change their tone or the topic of the conversation when they realize I have unique thoughts and a passion for learning and helping others. It has happened multiple times a day and instead of being annoyed for people being “blonde prejudice”, I’m happy to be changing so many people’s opinions! Moral of the story, don’t judge a brain by it’s cleavage.

Thanks to some generous friends passing on their credential badges to me, I have been able to participate in some awesome panels and lectures including “Blogging for a Cause” and “Philanthropy for Everyone” where 4 experts sat on a panel and gave talks on different tips and answered questions.

My favorite was a lecture by Seth Priebatsch, CEO of SCVNGR and the new company LevelUp which takes the daily deals model and incorporates “gaming” elements and incentives that will keep consumers coming back for more, not just “hittin and quittin” when they use their deal. It was my favorite because it was most informative to the way the market is moving in that area with mobile payments (using your phone instead of cards) and several LMH Promotions clients (, are using similar tactics for hospitality.

Attending these workshops with me were Nadav Wilf, of DiscoverSD, an awesome friend of mine who appeared in previous blog What Would Love Do? and fellow Love enthusiast and all around passionate and positive person, Daniel Band . You will be hearing a lot of great things coming from both these inspiring people!

Tomorrow is the final day of the tradeshow, which I am excited to attend and learn more and network with all of these growing technology / social companies and solutions.

As I can hear from my room on the 37th floor, SXSW Music has started, and  with more than 2,000 performers playing in more than 90 venues, SXSW Music is one of the biggest Music Festivals in the US.  I have been keeping an ear to the street, literally and virtually for the best shows in town and have been RSVPing to as many cool shows, among them being DJ’s GirlTalk, DuckSauce and Skrillex, bands The Shins, Neon Trees, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., We Are Serenades and soooo many more I hope to get to see.

I have been advised to go with the flow, which is what I do anyways and trust the Party Gods will put the right adventure in front of me. Be sure to keep an eye out for my blog on the parties and “fun” stuff I have been experiencing here in Austin. Which believe me, there is TOO much fun to be had in this amazing town during this exciting time. Too much to even fit in this post. Until then, nerding out and loving it!

The Future of Profit is Purpose.

This past weekend I attended a Business Breakthrough seminar hosted by Rize Global where we learned about turning passion into profit. Seeing as my passion lies in philanthropy I have had many moral issues with pursuing a profit from purpose driven promotions and hoped the seminar would help me clarify my vision. I jump at opportunities to donate my company’s skills, promotions for non profits and volunteering at fundraising events weather I am stuffing gift bags of school supplies to underprivileged kids or MC for a dance off at a afterschool program, I love to help good causes.

I also like to help those I deal with most, my friends and colleagues. I enjoy chances to help promote a friend’s brand or event, to give advice or constructive feedback when I can and to show support to all the hard work I see around me all the time. CHEERS to the many inspiring people who surround me. In honor of those people I am writing this blog in hopes to share some of the inspiring ideas I heard during this workshop.  My favorite part of the workshop was the guest speaker, Simon Mainwaring author of  New York Times Best seller, “We First” about how brands and consumers use social media to build a better world.

He opened with a powerful question about the new marketplace we are looking at today.

How are you world?

1 in 6 are below poverty line. Due to the recent scandals, the banks, the media, there  is no trust in big brands.  4.5 billion in assets changed from banks to credit unions in the last five weeks. Our quality of life is becoming difficult so people are reacting and citizens are connecting. People are starting to look at what is meaningful in their lives and it is starting to be apparent values lay in creating trust in their companies, treating employees fairly and their quality of life.  People are connecting and wanting to help each other and volunteering and charitable work is on the rise.
As amazing as that sounds, being well intentioned is not enough. We must articulate our message in a way that will be affective. Melinda Gates said to “stop acting like missionaries and act like marketers” and I agree with her. To reach a large audience we must build a brand that is larger than ourselves and instead a community. We must use the tools at our fingertips to create a self outside ourselves on social media platforms. Blog!

The most effective part of his presentation for me was the “Social branding blue print” outline he gave.

 Craft a story to define a brand
-Define purpose and core values
-Distill into emotional terms
-Craft a manifesto
-Write a vision statement
-Commit to a purpose
-Align internally

Be culturally specific, community focused, generate content & Get Your Story Straight!

Key social strategies / tactics
Collaborate with competitors/cross sectors
Build contribution into real/virtual consumption
Launch/partner w employee volunteer programs
Use social platforms to trigger donations/actions (I use facebook and most for social fundraising)
Use online platforms/mobile apps for credibility /reach

To sum up the key points I took away from this helpful workshop:
1    The future of profit is purpose
2    Brands must become community celebrants not celebrities
3    Marketers must become day traders in social emotion

25% of all kids worldwide are without electricity. Most of them play soccer. Soccket is a soccer ball that stores kinnetic energy and has a outlet so people can cook food and have light to study by.  Fifteen minutes of play can power a light for 3 hours. It was invented by 3 girls in college.

Get inspired, get your story straight and get moving friends. The world is waiting. 

You Stay Classy San Diego at the 2nd Annual Classy Awards!

By now, you’ve heard the buzz. The 2nd Annual CLASSY Awards event is blowing up, and blowing up big. Last year I attended this award show looking for an organization or cause that really inspired me to do something impactful and I was blown away by the nominees and attendees of this event. I am proud to say that I have had the privilege of joining the Stayclassy team the past year and LMH Promotions has been providing assistance to the Classy Awards. has outdone themselves this year in taking this event from San Diego only to a nationwide awards show with nominees from New York, LA, SF, Boston, Washington DC, Chicago & Las Vegas who have all been amazing philanthropic contributors to the country and planet. In true StayClassy form this event is a combination of philanthropy and partying and you won’t want to miss it! Here are the TOP 10 Reasons you want to be there this Sunday!


10) You love philanthropy – You’ve supported StayClassy over the years, and together we’ve had some great times and done some amazing things for our community. This is our chance to say THANK YOU, not just to the organizations we support, but to you – the members, donors, and volunteers, who have been with us throughout the years.

9) Not your grandmother’s Awards show – This event is all about fun for a good cause. With live music and celebrity guests, you’ll want to be among the lucky few who can honestly say, “I was there.”

pastedGraphic.pdf Schmooze with the best – This year’s Awards features an all-star lineup of business and philanthropic leaders from across the country. Adam Garone will be sporting a ‘stache, Irene Oberauer will be granting wishes, and Tony Hsieh will be Delivering Happiness. Need we say more?

7) You love reality TV – Kiptyn Locke and Tenley Molzahn, ABC’s most eligible Bachelor and Bachelorette will be there hanging out with you.

6) Great entertainment – We’re proud to provide you with some amazing live entertainment. American Idol fan favorite Andrew Garcia will headline the event, with additional performances from Alyssa Jacey who has performed with Joan Osbourne, DJ Wellman who is the resident DJ for the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas!

5) Killer Afterparty – If you’ve ever been to a StayClassy event, you know we can throw a party, and this time, we’re really going all-out. Join the StayClassy Crew, family, friends, and guests at SWAY for $1 Svedka cocktails all night long. DJ Wellman will be rocking the turntables and we’ll be dancing the night away (all in the name of philanthropy).

4) It’s like the 2009 CLASSY Awards…on steroids.Don’t believe us? Check out the video from last year’s event.

3) Feel the love – Everyone who came to the 1st Annual CLASSY Awards left feeling inspired. We’ve booked the Civic Theater, and packet it with some of the coolest, most exciting, dynamic people we could find. They’ve touched their communities in amazing ways. They’ve changed our world for the better, and they’ve come all the way to San Diego to party with YOU.

2) FREE champagne – That’s right – this year’s after party will feature free champagne at the door and $1 Svedka cocktails all night long, courtesy of our friends at SWAY. Oh, and all proceeds from Svedka sales will be donated back to the Charity of the Year Winner. I imagine we could have saved you a lot of time if we’d moved this one closer to the top.

1) You Could Go For Free! – If we haven’t convinced you by now that this year’s CLASSY Awards is going to be a rocking good time, we’ll go ahead and sweeten the deal.  The first 10 people to send us an email at will receive a pair of complimentary VIP passes.  That’s right – 2 tickets to the greatest party of the year could be yours – completely free of charge.  But act fast.  This deal won’t last long…

See you on Sunday!



It’s about time….

First I would like to thank you for visiting yet another blog. Mind you this isn’t just any blog with fashion tips or a chance to complain to my heart’s cotent but I hope is a valuable resource of information and beneficial time spent! I have put off doing my own blog for so long for doing others’ has been nearly a full time job however I feel there might be someone out there who likes what I have to say. Or not. Its your freedom! Theres so much noise out there today it’s hard to filter out the purposeful from the pointless and the meaningful from the monotonous however I can promise to keep it interesting and hopefully you’ll learn some and share some!

Let’s start with learning a bit about why I’m writing this, or better yet what I do. Everybody loves a good story.

A few years back while in search of my newest big adventure I took a job in the Bay Area, east of San Francisco as a live in nanny for a wealthy family of two, a father who traveled out of the country and his spoiled 8th grade daughter. While being a personal chauffeur for her and all her teeny bopper friends, doing the shopping, cooking and redecorating of the beautiful, yet horribly outdated mansion  and enduring her verbal abuse on a daily basis was most definitely a full time job, I somehow found myself wanting more.  Living in a  city like San Francisco where unassuming factories are all night raves and street parties like Lovefest and Bay to Breakers take over the whole city,  I was constantly doing something outrageous and fun in between trips to the dog groomers for the toy poodle and sitting through freezing cheer practices. It wasn’t long before I had developed connections all over the Bay and was loving the never ending parties and events. I found myself quickly working for one of the largest event production companies, Surreal SF as the assistant and promotions coordinator to the Founder and Director, Enrique Montero. We collaborated on the weekly parties as well as large music / culture events like the Exotic Erotic Ball. It was a wild and crazy event that took a lot of planning and was exciting to be apart of. Working with Enrique and Surreal really taught me the ropes of the industry and gave me incredible experience and the ability to work under any pressure or circumstances. It also taught me that the nightlife industry was best left to the experts. I was ready to spread my wings again and return to San Diego, my home, as a new bird with a new mission.

Jumping quickly into what I knew best, I took several positions as coordinator and team lead for street team marketing projects in various industries. My favorites had to be the Village Club Card Room where some of our strategy included distracting players and of course, Live Battle USA a live gaming/ lazer tag on steroids type of product that included a team of me and my hand picked, hand trained “LiveBattle Girls” facing off against the likes of the best of the ComicConners in the Undisputed Boxing Gym. This creative, team building, active and fun product became a passion of mine and I soon began utilizing new tools like facebook groups, blogs, press releases and a wide assortment of social media platforms to build a network for this new game and organically drive traffic. (To a website that has since been replaced.) It was long tedious work learning what worked and what didn’t but again it was all a priceless experience that helped guide me to the next chapter in the adventure.

After learning a thing or two about this new “craze” people were calling social media, I incorporated the promotions and marketing background I had with the modern media campaigns I was building for several new clients I had obtained through good old fashioned way of going in and introducing myself.  I combined traditional strategies with modern tools to customize marketing plans for as versatile a business as Gourmet India (4th and F) and Java Jones Coffee (9th and Market) Java Jones is a fantastic business with a philanthropic mission of providing excellent quality organic coffee and tea but only carrying 100% organic and fair trade products. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do! (Their slogan, not mine! ;] ) It really made me passionate and was rewarding to have a stake in a business that wanted to give back and support causes. It helped me see the vision of my own purpose. I had volunteered my whole life. I had even started my own non-profit with a group of friends that same year and built a school in Kenya through our grueling hard work, fund raising and events but that came with so many other hurdles and challenges I wanted to multiply my efforts to the highest exponent. I’ve never been one for math but I knew that with my PR abilities + experience with events + production + planning and promotions I could do more to help the causes that needed it in a much larger way.

Long story made only quasi long… LMH Promotions was born!

And as creative as I’d like to give myself credit for, no I couldn’t think of a better name than my initials. So please if you have any suggestions, feel free to share as I would hope you will share any words you have to share.

In the past few months I have been proud to work with such groups as the SD Children and Nature Collaborative,, Outdoor Education Foundation, San Diego Audubon Society, San Diego County Office of Education, San Diego Open Space Parks Division and excited to work with so many more amazing groups and people in this awesome journey. Thanks so much again for reading and feel free to share this with anyone, especially those looking for help getting their cause, company or idea in full motion!


Be sure to check my website too for full marketing, promotions, event, web and graphics services!

Peace & Love To You!