Travel with a Purpose – A summer in India for Dr. Interns

Travel is one of the most rewarding experiences a person has in their life. Whether it is a family vacation, a semester abroad or a backpacking trip with friends, these experiences not only stay with us our whole lives, but shape who we are and how we see the world.

In today’s age we are lucky enough to have easy and affordable means of travel to just about anywhere in the world and with technology and the internet we can book these arrangements from anywhere with a press of a button. It is no doubt remarkable and in a lot of ways makes our planet a much smaller place. Where we could once only read about or see on a screen we can now visit ourselves, embarking on great journeys and having exciting adventures of our own.

It is a wonderful thing to see so many people of our time going out in to the world to see, touch, taste and experience first hand the wonders of different cultures and while it is breaking down barriers that once made us feel so different from one another, it is also an  opportunity for us to become better global citizens.

Our neighbors are not just the people on our street or in our city, they are in the bordering country or opposite continent where most of our products are produced and services provided. We depend on each other so much more than we realize, not just for business, but for assistance. There are so many organizations out there doing great things to assist our global neighbors in need and yet there is still a great need for more help.

Instead of just visiting these amazing places, taking cool photos in front of a monument or pristine nature scene, I have sought out to be an active assistant to the communities I visit. Even if it means collecting garbage from a popular hiking trail or beach, I want to be a positive impact, not just another tourist stopping by for a photo op. In each trip I take I look for a different cause I am passionate about and an organization I would be a good fit to volunteer with.

Dr. Interns is one of those organizations. With a mission of bringing sustainable healthcare solutions to very capable, developing parts of the world they are connecting college students interested in the medical field as well as travel to experiences in the world outside their own neighborhood. Dr. Interns is creating a new kind of world traveler; a traveler who is making a difference.

I am excited to begin my first experience of India, where I will be assisting with the marketing campaign for Dr. Interns at their first international program at the Kailash Cancer Hospital in Gujarat, India. I am joined by Ketan Patel, the passionate and intelligent organization director, and 15 incredible college students dedicating their summer to assisting at the hospital as well. We will be recording our story with the goal of inspiring many more to travel and to be active global citizens. Changing the world is easier than it looks. Don’t believe me? Try it.

-Lindsay M Hawley

Dr. Interns Marketing Director



Real Men wear Pink, My Men Wear Mo’s

This Movember I’m sure you have seen some amazing Mo’s grown by some Amazing Men for the great cause of raising money for prostate cancer research. October is designated for breast cancer awareness, and we see the popular pink ribbon on anything and everything from rubber duckies to KFC buckets. Like any Barbie girl I am thrilled to see so much pink but my favorite has to be the month of men’s hairy pink ribbons.

Movember challenges men to embrace their inner Ron Burgandy and let their stache grow wild and free. The rules are simple, start Movember 1st clean-shaven and then grow a moustache for the entire month while preferrably posting updated weekly pictures so your friends can laugh at your new perverted upper lip growth and cheer you on as well as support your fundraising effort! These brave men deserve our support and even more so  it is important to support the research fighting awful cancer! If you don’t know of a Movember Man to support you can make a contribution to the Movember StayClassy team where some of my best friends have grown incredible Mo’s!  Of course, no great fundraising cause comes without a great party and what more could you ask for than a bunch of Classy Gentlemen with mustaches partying for a purpose? Yes Please!

My Mo Trio

“Man of Movember Party“, Across the United States (and around the world) Movember comes to a close with a series of Gala Partés to thank Mo Bros and Mo Sistas for their fundraising efforts and to bring your regions finest Mo’s together in one night of Mo-mentous glory.

Mo Bros (dressed to suit their Mo) and Mo Sistas (dressed to suit their Mo Bro) come together to show off their moustache growing efforts, Mo Bros & Mo Sistas will have a chance to compete for a series of great category prizes, including Best Team Mo, Best Mo Bro with his Mo Sista and, of course, the ultimate accolade, Man of Movember 2010. (Me and my Mo Bro and Mo Bunny were going to compete for Best Mo-Trio but Pedro has had his full stache since birth)

When: December 2, 2010 | 7:00pm – 2:00am | Judging 10:00pm

Where Double Deuce 528 F St San Diego, CA

Tickets: $10.00 donation. Tickets may be purchased online at